Jumping Girl – Glasgow, UK / May 2nd, 2020


Address: CitizenM Hotel, 60 Renfrew St, Glasgow G2 3BW.

Time: 9:30 to 18:00 hs.


In stock


This workshop allows you to make “anime” figures and to apply the same techniques to an endless variety of other characters.

You will also have the possibility to look into:

-the way by which large heads are created using a polystyrene sphere as an internal structure.

-how to make each part that constitutes this figure.

-how to create the piece of furniture with pastille using a polystyrene block as an internal structure.

-the best way to achieve the design and texture of the rug.

The workshop is hands-on, personalized and a great place to jump into the modelling process.


Materials and coffee break included


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