SPAIN, Barcelona: “Facial Expressions – Basic Level” / October 23rd


Date: October 23rd, 2021
Time: 10am to 5pm
Address: “Te quiero cocinar – cooking school”, calle/ Taulat 74, 08005 Barcelona

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This class is designed for everyone just starting out with sugar modelling, covering the following topics:

• What type of dough is the most convenient to model.
• What are the tools involved in this modelling process.
• How to use the reference templates to achieve nice proportions.
• Modelling techniques of between 8 and 10 faces, varying degrees of complexity (adapted for beginners).
• How to model basic shapes (ball, tear, roll).
• How to achieve different facial expressions.
• How to make the hair for one of the faces.

The class includes:
-Dossier and templates
-Materials and tools
-Coffee break

Duration: 7 hours (consider that the course could last about 45 minutes longer depending on how each student evolves)

Lunch: During the break, each student can take a lunch or buy what they want in nearby stores that offer a wide variety of foods for different dietary requirements.

Please note the following:
• The use of a mask at school is mandatory.
• If you present any symptoms and it is not possible to attend the class, the payment will be paid to be able to take the class on the next scheduled date. No refunds will be made.
• Punctuality is requested to start class at the established time.


If you have any questions, get in touch:

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