Whether you take part in an on-site class or acquire a video tutorial, you will be able to learn modelling, pastry and sugar art techniques that will help you when cooking and decorating your own cakes.



We meet face-to-face again to learn modelling techniques together in the same space!

The groups are small, to guarantee hygienic measures.


The class includes:

– a dossier and templates

– materials and tools

– coffee break


Online classes are designed and adapted to learn modelling techniques from the comfort of your home through your computer, tablet or mobile.

Video tutorials are run in private facebook groups or on VIMEO (please check the specifications of each option).

You have unlimited access to the platform, so that you can follow the process at any time and at your own pace.


Video tutorials include:

– a dossier with the list of materials and equipment needed for the project

– a template


Here you can find some tools I often use in my projects:

And my hook tool can be purchased here: